The new world of DNA embedded cyber identity

iZAC is a new concept in crypto identity management. We are embedding your personal DNA and biometrics into the blockchain.

This revolutionary approach allows us to make very specific and personalized keys, to be used within the iZAC ecosystem, to provide trust and provenance in transactions requiring the utmost security of identity.

What we are building is a crypto identification management system based on the Ethereum blockchain and embedded with DNA and biometrics. This creates an unbreakable bond between the token owners and the registered owner, you can think of them as digital keys and locks. Both the key and the lock are combined into the same device. When you attempt to open the lock it will check your DNA with the Token to confirm your identity.

A way needs to be found that identifies you as 'you' and cannot be refuted.

The way to do this must be a commonly accepted method and easily protected from theft, misuse, and proxy. Invalid transactions and contracts should be easily repudiated.

At the present time, data held about you only relies upon a promise not to misuse your data and a promise that best efforts of security will prevent a breach against the safety of your information stored at providers. Numerous breaches in past years confirm that nobody can protect your information other than yourself.

The challenge is how this can be done, and this is the mission of the intelligent Zero-knowledge-proof Access Crypto (iZAC) technology to deliver this capability.


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