How it Works

The idea

The idea for the iZAC Token came about when our friend and fellow director as diagnosed with a cancer. He was telling us how many different Doctors and all the tests, sometime repeating test for different Doctors. He was also spending so many hours waiting in doctors surgeries for the tests results to get faxed or emailed.

We thought, wouldn’t it be great if he had access to his family medical history from his phone. He could then simply give access to the Doctors right away, without conducting unnecessary tests. Or better yet, they discovered he was acceptable to this type of cancer earlier during a routine medical check-up and avoided getting sick in the first place.

How it works

The human DNA contains approx. 3 GB of data. Through our compression and sequencing of selective base-pairs we are able bring that size down to just a few KB of data. This data is encrypted and added to the end of the blockchain to create an iZAC Token.

If you need to transfer your Tokens to a new owner, you’ll be able to use our advanced algorithmic smart contract to decrypt and add the new owner's DNA into the string. Thus the transferring of ownership to the new owner is recorded in the blockchain.

Development Timelines

The team are currently running proof of concept tests and market analysts. This phase includes raising additional funds for continued development cycles as we expand the team.

The team has plans to expand the ecosystem into new and exciting areas:

  • Continuous improvement of the DNA and Zk-SNARK sequencing process
  • We plan to create our own Token exchange to ensure our Token owner can transfer and protect wealth
  • Future development in driverless cars, using our Tokens to identify the passengers.

A detailed timeline is available to from the development team on request. Please register your interest by joining our Whitelist with your details.