Car Tokens

Autonomous Vehicles

You book a car via the App, it arrives to your location provided by the positioning system in your phone. You open the door and get in. The car recognizes you as an iZAC user by the biometrics sample it took from the handle when you opened it.

As you get in, the seats have adjusted to your height, your favorite radio station is selected and the car has started off to your destination. However, there is no steering wheel or peddles, this is the latest high-tech driverless car. With iZAC token, the car automatically setup with your personal settings, you just relax, watch a movie, chat with friends or do office work as the car takes care of all the driving.

As you are driving into the city the driverless cars communicate with each other, they advise you of potential delays like traffic jams, the weather reports or advise the use of the fast lane. In the city of the future, fast lanes cost more and restrict the number of road users on them to ensure they are used efficiently. But if you're running late for a meeting or that new Broadway show you might opt in to paying the increased fee. Or maybe you have time to enjoy the ride to work today and choose the slow lane option, where the highway rewards you with iZAC credits.

The driverless cars don’t charge you for money but use the trading system built into the iZAC token ecosystem. You accumulate credits with the car company to be changed for cash or be use later to upgrade or used in the fast lane.

It’s time to join the iZAC revolution!