Road Map

The idea is born

January 2017

After our friend got sick we started thinking about better ways to access Medical records

iZAC Coin Company Registered

November 2017

The iZAC Coin company is born

Pre-Registeration Commences

December 2017

During our pre-registration event we are accepting investors and people who wish to become part of the iZAC ecosystem.

Product Testing and Development

March 2018

The development team confirmed that DNA and blockchain is a viable solution

Use cases

Medical Records

The first of the use case is developed and presented to the ecosystem. This will expand on the Medical Record protection

Use cases

iZAC Portals

This use case the team will be developing on our encryption methodology to interface extant business systems to integrate block chain technology with a variety of business models.

Seed Investor Period Ends

24 January 2019

The window for seed investors has closed.

Release Two has commenced.

Release Two

Release Two Tokens Sales are now closed. Thank You to our investors.

Use cases

iZAC Locks

This use case scenario expands on the lock ecosystem to integrate biometric identity

Identifies people fleeing domestic violence without paperwork

Domestic violence displaced persons now identifiable using iZAC customised multifactor identity management system

iZAC in Top 10 APAC

Multifactor Authentication Solution Provider

Enterprise Security Magazine – July 5 2019
iZAC in Top 10 MFA in APAC!

(Free view – with sign on)

Use cases

Embedded Technology

Use case to further develop Software and Hardware based Locks and digital keys for use in the auto industry

Ecosystem Expansion Europe


The ecosystem expansion into Europe. Our Development team is mainly located in Europe

Creation of our own Exchange

iZAC Exchange

iZAC Coin will launch our own token exchange. This exchange is designed to handle the large value transactions for generational wealth protection and portal business.

Ecosystem Expansion Asia


The ecosystem begins with Asian based manufacturing and adoption of the iZAC Token protocol into locks available for export

Ecosystem Expansion USA


Open a number of labs in the USA as iZAC Tokens are adopted and installed into American made devices.