Medical Access

We are routinely asked for our private information, to login to websites, going on holidays or visiting a Doctor.

These organizations need your information so they identify you, deliver services and goods to the person they are contracted to interact with. They use your information for all types of reason, they are useful like Medical records for your treatments, interactions with governments, courts, insurance, banking and a myriad of situations, but sometimes this information leaks out and ends up in the wrong hands.

​A better way needs to be found that identifies you as 'you' and cannot be refuted. The way to do this must be a commonly accepted method and easily protected from theft, misuse, and proxy.

​At the present time, data held about you only relies upon a promise from these organizations not to misuse your data, and a promise that best efforts and IT security methods will prevent any breach against the safety of your information. However as we all know, numerous breaches in past years have confirmed that nobody can protect your information other than you! The challenge is how this can be done, how can you prove you are you?

​This is the mission of the intelligent Zero-knowledge-proof Access Crypto (iZAC) technology to deliver this capability. We are building is a crypto identification management system based on the Ethereum blockchain, embedded with your DNA and biometric signatures. This process creates an unbreakable bond between the token and the registered owner. You could think of these tokens as digital keys, both the key and the lock are combined into the same device. When you attempt to open the lock it confirms your DNA and biometrics with the embedded Token to confirm your identity.

​It’s time to join the iZAC revolution!

See our Whitepaper: iZAC Whitepaper